Club Information

Team Motto: (know it!)

If you don't practice like you perform, you will perform like you practice.


Mission Statement:

Dance is a discover. Working creatively, a student explores the mind and body.

The student is allowed to make an individual statement- a discovery of self



Director's Notes:

Greetings, my name is Lisa Vosburgh. With Ms. Jones' consent and help I organized the Spirit Team in 1998. I was a student at Henderson in the mid 20th century. I enjoyed art, math and science but most of all being a part of the pep squad. Now as a parent, teacher, volunteer and PTO member I donate my time so that the young ladies at Henderson Middle School can participate as a functioning member of their school. I give this time to you in hopes that you will all become productive members of your community. I strongly believe that if you dedicate yourselves to the team it will help you become a stronger person. With any organization each member must do their part to help build the team. As a member of the Spirit Team you are expected to be a working part of the team. Not only are you required to give your all at practice and during the performances but you will be given duties and assignments. Being on the Spirit Team does not stop at the end of football season. There is a small break for the holidays but we are up and running (literally) by the first part of the calendar year. These groups of young ladies strive to better their team at each and every meeting. You will be expected to do the same. We welcome any girl that wants to participate but before you sign the dedication form ask yourself this, "Am I determined to support this team. Can I meet the demands of a competitive dance team? Will I be a functioning part of the Spirit Team?" You must be willing and able to complete those demands. Being a Spirit Team member is not only an honor but also an opportunity to build physical agility, dance technique as well as leadership qualities. Being apart of any team requires complete dedication and loyalty. You must abide by our strict guidelines and rigorous practice schedule in order to be a part of our winning team. The Spirit Team is a vital part of Henderson Middle School. You will maintain this trust by representing your school with pride, dignity and honor. This can only be done through your behavior. You will not at anytime use language that is unbecoming a young lady. You will not be disrespectful to an adult. You will not gossip. You will support your director and teammates. I cannot stress the importance of your behavior and actions. At times it will be hard to fulfill the requirements but you can do it and you will be a better person for it. These lessons will help you grow into a dynamic and creative young lady. I want to thank you now for all your hard work and effects. It is because of you and your participation that this team has grown into what it is today. I am very proud of you all.


Mrs. Vosburgh